Jubilee Austen website

Jubilee Austen portfolio

Part of my Skillcrush assignment was to code a website from a provided website design, with guidance.

Skills required: HTML, CSS, GitHub

Rogue Pickings website

Rogue Pickings site

Another Skillcrush project, to code a website from a provided design, but with less assistance.

Skills required: HTML, CSS, GitHub

Recipe Cards

CSS Recipe Cards

A bonus Skillcrush project, to recreate Recipe Cards using CSS.

Skills required: HTML, CSS, GitHub

About Me

Aska Djikia

My name is Aska (she/her), an artist and designer based in North Vancouver.

I enjoy solving problems, learning about complex systems, and communicating information visually and accessibly. I'm not very big on labels, but "visual communications designer" seems appropriate. Ultimately, if a problem is interesting to me, my curiosity lies in finding sustainable, efficient, and accessible solutions, whatever the medium.

I am always eager to work on projects that are related to climate and social awareness, inclusivity and equity, nature, and education.

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Avaiable for lettering and coding projects

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